Return Policy

Reasons for Return

Return Policy makes it possible for You to return a product if You receive a damaged or defective product or if the product is significantly different from what was purchased or when the package delivered is missing one or more products or accessories. Return Policy here should be read in conjunction with the any specific terms and conditions applicable to a product which can be found on product descriptions page for returning a product.

Conditions for Return

In order to return any product sold through the website, You are required to comply with the below mentioned conditions, viz.:

1. The return has to be in compliance with the Return Policy associated with the product category.

2. WRPL should be notified of the receipt of a damaged or defective product or if the product is significantly different from what was purchased, within period mentioned in the returns policy.

3. Products should be returned unused, in their original packaging along with the original price tags, labels, packing, barcodes, user manual, warranty card and invoices, accessories, freebies and original boxes defined as essentials. If any product is returned without the essentials, the product shall not be accepted for return and shall be sent back to You.

4. The return packages should be strongly and adequately packaged so that there is no damage of products during transit.

5. The returned products are subject to verification and quality checks by WRPL in order to determine the legitimacy of the complaint or return.

6. You should fill the Return Form provided by WRPL with the originally
delivered package or make available to You over email or account and include it in the returned package. Return requests are not processed if the Return Form is incomplete or absent in the returned package received. The reason for return should be stated in the Return form. You should additionally fill out the delivery sheet used by the logistics service providers and note down any damaged or tampered condition of the delivered package.

8. The return has to be in compliance with the return policy of WRPL and of the product where applicable.

Non-returnable Products

Our products which cannot be returned are,

1. Clothing & Freebies which are damaged.

2. Clothing that have been used.

3. Damaged Embroidered Clothing or Accessory

4. Any other product depending upon the Return Policy in force. 

If You are unable to inform WRPL of the receipt of a damaged or defective product or the product is not as per specifications of Your order or the package delivered is missing one or more products or accessories as per the returns policy and procedure, WRPL shall not be obliged to accept the returned product or be liable in this regard. In the event, the product will be
returned to the Customer and the same needs to be accepted from assigned logistics service provider. WRPL will not be responsible if the product is not accepted and no refund will be issued.

Damaged, Defective Products

Returns of damaged, defective or other products eligible for return are accepted as under: 

i. In the event You receive a damaged or defective product or a product that does not comply with the specifications as per Your original or the product is delivered after the expected delivery period or the package delivered is missing one or more products or accessories and eligible for return as described by Return Policy, You are required to get in touch with the Customer Care Team through any of the below mentioned channels or submit a return request online (if such
facility is available) as per the Returns Policy.

ii. Upon receiving Your return request, WRPL shall verify the authenticity and the nature of the request and if the request is genuine, WRPL will initiate return request and will also initiate for a refund to be processed upon the receipt and quality check of the returned product. It will take a minimum of [4-6] business days to process Your request for return of products.

iii. WRL may arrange for pick-up of the product through an assigned logistics service provider. You will receive an email or SMS notification at Your email address or mobile number provided to WRPL. In the event WRL is unable to arrange pick-up, WRPL will notify You regarding the same and You will be required to send the product to the WRPL at the provided address using a reputed courier service in Your area.

iv. If Your pin code is not serviceable, WRPL may ask You to ship the product to the seller using a relevant and available logistics service provider or Indian Postal services. Customers are required to submit the shipping information of the self-ship by contact Customer Service. In the event the details are not provided and the shipment arrives without returns form or invoice, the refund may be delayed.

vi. Upon receipt of the returned product by WRPL and successful completion of the quality check, You will receive an email or SMS confirmation at the email address or mobile number provided to WRPL.

vii. You will be refunded the product cost along with taxes and shipping charges, if any. Courier freight charges You paid to courier or shipping service for returning the product to seller will be reimbursed as per method agreed with You.

You expressly acknowledge that the seller is solely responsible for the damaged or defective product or a product that does not meet the specifications of Your original order or delayed delivery of the order or delivery of the package with one or more products or accessories missing and for any claims that You may have in relation to such products and WRPL shall not in any manner be held liable for the same. In the event of dispute, WRPL will coordinate with You to reach an amicable solution.

Period for Return

Please refer “Know More” section of the product information page for the Period of Return i.e. period within which a product delivered can be returned by the Buyer subject to the other terms and conditions of the Return Policy contained hereunder.

Cancellation of Return Request

A request for return once made can be cancelled by contacting Customer Service. In case the Logistics Service provider arrives to receive the shipment and You want to cancel the request, You may choose to inform the logistics service provider that You do not wish to return the product. You will receive an email or SMS notification at the email address or mobile number provided to WRPL cancelling Your return request.

Refusal of Return Request

WRPL reserves the right to refuse or cancel any return request.  If them request for returns is not allowed by the Returns Policy, You will not be refunded the payment made or any costs and will not be able to raise a second request for return for the same product. You agree not to dispute the decision made by WRPL and accept WRPL decision regarding the refusal or cancellation and further agree not hold WRL liable for any refusal or cancellation.

Frivolous Complaints

In the event of frivolous or baseless complaints or requests regarding the quality or content of the products, WRPL reserves the right to take necessary legal actions against You and You will be solely liable for all costs incurred by WRPL in this regard.

Return Shipping Process

Self-send Process

In case of return of products initiated and subsequent courier of the product by You, if it is found that the returned product was not delivered or any other designated location specified or the package was empty, the onus shall be on You to prove through submission of proof of delivery from the concerned courier service provider to establish Your claim of return. Self-courier of returns should be initiated within the periods specified in the WRPL Returns Policy. WRPL is not liable to process the return request until satisfactory proof of delivery is provided to WRPL 

In case of damage claims, WRPL may ask for pictures of the damaged product before it is approved or allowed for return.

For return shipping managed by WRPL, You will need to hand over the product to the assigned logistics service provider at the time of pick-up. In the event the logistics service provider makes attempts to pick-up the product and You are unavailable or not ready to handover the product, WRPL or logistics service provider will not be held responsible for the delay in pick-up or processing of the quality check and hence the refund. A maximum of 2 attempts will be made by the logistics service provider to pick-up the product to be
returned. WRPL will not be liable for the products returned by mistake.

Discrepancy Between Information Provided by You and Our Logistics Service Provider

In case of any discrepancy in the status of pick-up of a product arranged by WRPL, (where You claim the product has been returned, while our system suggests otherwise) refund will be initiated only if You successfully furnish the courier slip given by the WRPL assigned logistics service provider at the time of the pick-up.

In case where a designated return location claims that the product received from You is different or the return of the product is not in compliance with the Returns Policy, the product will be dispatched back to Your shipping address and You are required to receive and accept the package. In the event of dispute, WRPL will coordinate with You to reach an amicable solution.